Most frequent questions and answers

At the Alice Daring Academy, our innovative room design incorporates the Harkness Method and enables collaborative learning, which creates a direct interaction with one another and the teacher in a more comfortable and relaxed setting. We offer a maximum enrollment of 10 students per classroom and a one-hour lunch/recess time. Our students receive a longer instructional time in English and mathematics to allow all students to achieve mastery prior to moving on to new concepts. This approach is not a reality in a traditional school because teachers are pressured to follow a pacing plan to meet the demands of standardized tests.

Yes. The Alice Daring Academy understands that there is a population of homeschoolers who would benefit from our part-time program which offers attendance to core classes, specials or our signature programs. Give us a call to learn more.

We support your child’s academic abilities at any level and have reserved Fridays for providing individual enrichment.