Academic success soars when children are in an optimal learning environment. We provide a space where your child can feel comfortable and supported. By incorporating the flipped classroom instructional strategy, extended learning & lunchtime, the Harkness Method, and project-based learning, we are confident your student will thrive.

Our certified teachers use a project-based curriculum and the Socratic Method to encourage students to challenge their assumptions as they learn to master state standards across multiple subject-areas through long-term projects. Project-based learning allows students to demonstrate mastery of skills and concepts (Experiment – Fail – Learn – Succeed) using an interdisciplinary approach. This approach to learning enables students to understand how concepts connect between subjects rather than learning subjects in isolation. Teachers introduce real-world issues and scenarios as students collaborate to problem solve improving critical thinking skills and enriching their learning.

We offer a maximum enrollment of 10 students per classroom allowing students to find their voices and encourage risk-taking. We believe this helps students develop grit and perseverance in response to challenges which improves learning opportunities in a non-threatening environment.

Our teachers use adaptive technology, which enables them to see in real-time which concepts require reteaching, reinforcement or enrichment to meet each students’ learning style. Not only are students supported when they meet challenges, but students who demonstrate mastery are encouraged to continue moving along to more challenging assignments.