Every child deserves to enjoy their day at school and come home excited to tell you what they’ve learned. The Alice Daring Academy is a co-ed independent micro school for grades 3 to 8 purposefully designed for a population of 100 students.

Our core values are reflected in our course selections in which we seek to challenge students to foster their natural curiosity and inspire an intrinsic motivation to learn new concepts and skills. At The Alice Daring Academy, we understand that each student learns and masters skills at their own pace. We support competency-based progression, as students demonstrate mastery of the concepts and skills of the standards, they are allowed to drive their learning by moving on to the next standard.

We encourage our students to reach their maximum potential by challenging them to think critically, develop grit, persevere and demonstrate empathy to become future leaders of tomorrow. We are creating a new narrative about education focusing on how children learn and the environment in which they learn.