Every child deserves to enjoy learning and to come home excited to share what they’ve learned.

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We turn the traditional concept of homework on it’s head with the Flipped Classroom.


From core classes to unique electives, explore a sample of your child’s daily schedule.


Students master critical thinking & problem-solving skills with the Socratic method

The Alice Daring Academy is a progressive, academic enrichment program serving girls in grades 3-8 that is dedicated to empowering young girls to pursue their passions.

– 10:1 student ratio – Harkness Method

Longer instructional time for English and math

At the Alice Daring Academy, our students receive a longer instructional time in English and mathematics to allow all students to achieve mastery prior to moving on to new concepts. This approach is not a reality in a traditional school because teachers are pressured to follow a pacing plan to meet the demands of standardized tests. Educational psychologist, Benjamin Bloom, identified that students who use a mastery approach to learning perform 98% better than students in a traditional classroom.

Go forward each morning with excitement and clarity of purpose

Our daily meet-up provides the opportunity for students to motivate one another by recognizing the accomplishments of their fellow peers, strategizing for the upcoming day, and communicating a shared vision. This demonstration of unity reinforces the value in everyone and creates the desire to do their best work. We go forward each morning with excitement and clarity of purpose.

Innovative and collaborative school environment

Our innovative room design incorporates the Harkness Method and enables collaborative learning, which creates a direct interaction with one another and the teacher in a more comfortable and relaxed setting. We offer a maximum enrollment of 10 students per classroom. This helps students to find their voice and encourage risk-taking. We believe this aids students to develop grit and perseverance in response to challenges and improves learning opportunities in a non-threatening environment.

Experience hands-on and virtual science labs

At the Alice Daring Academy, we bring science to life through live and virtual science labs. From Life Science to Earth Science to Physics, students are challenged to use their natural curiosity to experiment, fail, try again and succeed to understand the scientific process.